Saturday, October 11, 2008


it's started with a smile....
the way u look into the eye
never realize since then
i left my heart upon ur hand

time goes by
wind just let it fly
yet i enjoy the view
event though there's only a few

and everything goes alright
we went down and hold it tight
making love to the morning dew
feel every inch of it until it flew

then comes the rain
soaking us in bruises and pain
yet we hold on like a stone
i said our love will moving on

but still time goes by
and wind still let it fly
but i still kept the view
because it more than few<>br

but u said u cant wait
just as storm coming straight
rocking on my boat
when i'm about to float

it's not easy to faced
memories arent possible to erased
im holding sands with my bare hand
and it keep on vanished in the end

now i learn to let go
and asks the time to show
will there be love so true
or will i be drowned in blue

it started with a smile
and although i go for mile
i still lovin u somehow
just as i made my vow



  1. ini keknya pas deket lebaran yah, soale parkiran penuh n macet..

  2. hehhehe iya om adho...pas malam takbiran bareng fobia....