Monday, March 23, 2009


i grieve for my condition for i couldn't find the word to say....

I NEED U SO...............


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sidney Matthew Alexander Bhakti

from yesterday morning, i've started to take documentary photos of my sister giving birth to her first child...i want it to be different than just ordinary photos :) because i want it to be special for my first nephew (we haven't sure if 'it's' a boy or a girl at that time but now we 100% sure *LOL*) so i joined mom, ikoen and chya to Bidan Luh's house.

i never knew it going to be a long day and nite!! yes, chya finally gave birth to healthy boy! so i present u...:

Sidney Matthew Alexander Bhakti
4,35 kg
55 cm
bright skin and long legs LOL
mohawk hair with attitude

...well... let the photos tell the story... i hope u all get the pictures....the struggle, the intense, all sort of feelings is kinda mixed into one big bowl...there's anxious and (almost-kinda) insomnia uncle who takes a lot of pictures, great father to be (at that time), two helpful grandmas and a brave mom... hope u all can feel this through these shots...


ps : click on the thumbnail for bigger picture :D

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

calling out all the angels....part II

tonight, i more realize how much i've been blessed...there's some times when i think i am nothing but tonight..accidentally i opened up old emails back to early 2000's. suddenly time like flashing back and bring me back to those times...where i was sitting on my classes room, me doin laundry at my boarding house, me crying at wartel on christmas eve, me running and crying (again) on the night i heard 'that' news, me walking on sand dessert of bromo, me typing my thesis, me on my way back to sby in economic train from jogja, me and my braided hair, my long hair, my diarrea, me singing farewell to you in batu malang and made me and my fellow campus mate cryin...

and i life may not easy...but it's full of colors! yes! colors! they who are and used to be in my life were the colors....

uuhh...i wish i can tell u all the stories...but i'm affraid i couldnt stand not to cry...happily i meant...

so i encourage u to open ur old email inbox and start to read :)

ps: i miss u : K-class of 99, 567 society and 328 community, idiot box band, erland, lipooz, anna, astrid, soto ayam joni, fellow friends at KKN, #smala, #balikpapan-center, #oranghina, i really miss u much

Monday, March 9, 2009

calling out all the angels....

today actually starts like usual, what makes it quite unusual maybe coz i have to wake up early (yeah, i got an appointment for a photo shoot) and just like yesterday the sky is darkened by thick clouds...while the concept were to imitate summer... but then we decided to go on and finally we did the photo shot and my client (who is my friends) is satisfied with the result. so i feel so good that afternoon.

and then merci text me said that she's already in town and got my John Mayer live dvd with another good we ran to her house and grab it hahahaha thanks ci!!...then i went with lancuy to his cousin's house to have lunch (we already have lunch before with ira and her husband :giggle: then i went home with full stomach and john mayer dvd on my hand.

then i decided to wash my parent's car ( i used it whole day, and its covered with mud) then enjoying john mayer's live performance. he's great! and the trio? their kick ass!!

then in the afternoon sasha called for a commision work, got the email, done the task, send it back by email and got a good respond from her, and she said that she's going to transfer some cash for it hahahahhaa...Haleluyah! God is good isn't it :)

then friend whom we took the picture this morning text me and tell me that she's delighted with the result eventhough i haven't edit it as we planned :) be patient k ra? hehehe

but that's not why i want to write this blog....later on this night...........................

to be continued.... my eyes wont compromised...i've been overslept in the front of my pc...LOL...

i'll see u tomorrow then....with the story....pardon me.... zzz..zzzzzzzzz....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


how's everybody doin? it's been a while.... i hope all of u have a great time :D

so a little update from me...
i'm officially a jobless since november last year...yeah i decided to go on my own, yap, im doin photographs ever since...and i'm still struggling on both upgrading my skill and find way to the market...

i've been doin some portrait and fashion shoot helped by my friends...that's why my gallery now filled by many beautiful girls :giggle: for that i'd love to thanks ~sumasiapa, ~hilmanfajar, ~mbaharnold, ~doedyjepang, ~iyodeh, ~thecone, ~JazzYourSoul, ~tearsnomore and all the girls who had helped me... i couldn't be like now if wasnt for ur help guys!

btw i've spent lot lot lots of time now on facebook :lol: yeah this one is getting crazier everyday :lol: does anyone care for battle on rock legends? :rofl: and i wanna know if u have a FB account also... if u feel like u know me... please add me @FB, my account is

and now...did i stop taking landscape/waterscape photos? no! im still fall and fall in love more with this baby...i just hardly find time to take one... but i did some of them lately and u can find it between the pile of pretty girls there :lol:

and it featured!!! :w00t!: big thanks to dear :iconma-no:, she has been featuring two of my works on her journal... thank u so much dear :smooch:

the featured link : [link] and [link]

so there's a lil update from's yours? looking forward to hear it :D

now...i'll make more photos than before just hope that i have time to share it with u guys...

huge respect to all of u friends! :hug::hug:



Sunday, March 1, 2009

112th of Balikpapan

tahun ini Balikpapan, kota tempat saya lahir besar sampe skarang berumur 112 tahun.... buat kota yang sudah mulai beranjak 'tua' pembangunan justru baru gencar dilakukan 20 tahun belakangan ini...transformasi dari kota kecil tempat persinggahan minyak mentah hasil tambang kini menggeliat menjadi metropolitan.

buat saya yang besar di kota ini...bangga sekaligus takut dengan kemajuan kota ini...bangga karena kini tak lagi (oleh sebagian besar orang) disebut sebagai 'hutan' lagi. tapi ketakutan juga karena pembangunan infrastrukturnya belum seimbang dengan tingkat kepedulian terhadap lingkungannya....

tahun 90'an bencana yang paling sering terjadi plg kebakaran, atau orang ilang tenggelam di laut..tapi banjir? listrik byar pet? buat sebutan kota Minyak itu ironis sekali.

Balikpapan yang dulu sering di bilang little hongkong, karena kalo kita berangkat atau mendarat dengan pesawat pada malam hari, jajaran lampu kota dan wilayah tanki2 di jalan minyak menerangi layaknya kerlap kerlip kota hongkong...tapi skarang? jalan utama di kota ini pun padam, gelap, seakan kota hantu..kontras dengan pembangunan pusat2 perbelanjaan, hotel2, tempat hiburan.....apa gunanya bangunan besar dan tinggi dan megah tapi tanpa diterangi oleh lampu?

dulu kebanjiran di balikpapan artinya air laut pasang naik ke daratan, sehingga rumah2 di daerah DAM dulu memang dibangun agak tinggi dengan tiang2 dibawah rumahnya. sehingga tidak tenggelam saat pasang tiba..tapi sekarang??? daerah ring road sudah menjadi komoditi sub-urban bagi para developer khususnya rumah huni. pembangunan perumahan bermunculan dimana2 namun pelanggaran terhadap lingkungan juga terjadi dimana2..akibatnya? perumahan mewah tapi kalo hujan deras turun....kolam dadakan dmana2.... salah siapa? developer yang main curang dengan menyogok agar ijin keluar? atau salah pemerintah?

yg pasti Balikpapan emang harus maju, tapi bukan maju selangkah mundur 100 langkah... saya selalu takut, muak dan jenuh dengan jakarta...tapi perlahan kota ini mungkin akan jadi seperti Jakarta. say i'm an pacifist.....but im me an anarchist (i think i have a lil bit of it) but i just dont want to see this lovely hometown goin deeper underground....

so...... tadi sore dan kemarin sore, bersama teman2 fotografer di balikpapan saya coba menangkap beberapa 'wajah' kota saya tercinta ini.... ini semua dari sudut pandang saya, kamera saya dan hati saya ....