Wednesday, March 4, 2009


how's everybody doin? it's been a while.... i hope all of u have a great time :D

so a little update from me...
i'm officially a jobless since november last year...yeah i decided to go on my own, yap, im doin photographs ever since...and i'm still struggling on both upgrading my skill and find way to the market...

i've been doin some portrait and fashion shoot helped by my friends...that's why my gallery now filled by many beautiful girls :giggle: for that i'd love to thanks ~sumasiapa, ~hilmanfajar, ~mbaharnold, ~doedyjepang, ~iyodeh, ~thecone, ~JazzYourSoul, ~tearsnomore and all the girls who had helped me... i couldn't be like now if wasnt for ur help guys!

btw i've spent lot lot lots of time now on facebook :lol: yeah this one is getting crazier everyday :lol: does anyone care for battle on rock legends? :rofl: and i wanna know if u have a FB account also... if u feel like u know me... please add me @FB, my account is

and now...did i stop taking landscape/waterscape photos? no! im still fall and fall in love more with this baby...i just hardly find time to take one... but i did some of them lately and u can find it between the pile of pretty girls there :lol:

and it featured!!! :w00t!: big thanks to dear :iconma-no:, she has been featuring two of my works on her journal... thank u so much dear :smooch:

the featured link : [link] and [link]

so there's a lil update from's yours? looking forward to hear it :D

now...i'll make more photos than before just hope that i have time to share it with u guys...

huge respect to all of u friends! :hug::hug:



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