Monday, March 9, 2009

calling out all the angels....

today actually starts like usual, what makes it quite unusual maybe coz i have to wake up early (yeah, i got an appointment for a photo shoot) and just like yesterday the sky is darkened by thick clouds...while the concept were to imitate summer... but then we decided to go on and finally we did the photo shot and my client (who is my friends) is satisfied with the result. so i feel so good that afternoon.

and then merci text me said that she's already in town and got my John Mayer live dvd with another good we ran to her house and grab it hahahaha thanks ci!!...then i went with lancuy to his cousin's house to have lunch (we already have lunch before with ira and her husband :giggle: then i went home with full stomach and john mayer dvd on my hand.

then i decided to wash my parent's car ( i used it whole day, and its covered with mud) then enjoying john mayer's live performance. he's great! and the trio? their kick ass!!

then in the afternoon sasha called for a commision work, got the email, done the task, send it back by email and got a good respond from her, and she said that she's going to transfer some cash for it hahahahhaa...Haleluyah! God is good isn't it :)

then friend whom we took the picture this morning text me and tell me that she's delighted with the result eventhough i haven't edit it as we planned :) be patient k ra? hehehe

but that's not why i want to write this blog....later on this night...........................

to be continued.... my eyes wont compromised...i've been overslept in the front of my pc...LOL...

i'll see u tomorrow then....with the story....pardon me.... zzz..zzzzzzzzz....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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