Monday, January 11, 2010

Brand New Year

hello all.....!

yes this is 2010.....a brand new year...2009 is like a turn outs so fast...and here i am standing on 2010
last year i try to make a new year resolution and turns out DROP DEAD so i wont make any new year resolution but i will try to  make this year better than before....

but without successful resolution does not mean that 2009 is a dull year...not at experiences ... TONS of new friends... a glimpse of attraction.... 2 times photo exhibition... playin on stage (again) .... and the best is must say December... yes! if you follow my life you would raise ur eyebrow and wondering, didn't i say that it was suck etc does! in the beginning i feel like something is missing that i used to have on December with all christmas things and the excitement. but it changes during the middle of the month... Surabaya and Jogja's trip and then M.U.A 3.0 and then Christmas is changing the whole idea...yes.. it turns out that christmas haven't lose its MAGIC ^^

and to completes the end of the Ox year, i went to KANGEAN Island by an invitation by my friend Femmy and it turns out GREAT and AWESOME!!!... it really completes the year.... we doing snorkling, swimming, sunbathing (that's stupid i know), teaching elementary schools kids, sharing time with them and my new friends at the end of the year is absolutely AWESOMEEEEEE!!!!!!! ^^

so...welcome 2010 !! let's hit it !!!

best regards

Freyke Elli Hofni Kosakoy

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