Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i choose not to choose

9 april tomorrow...the national election day for indonesia... and also the beginning for the long weekend!! (for most of people not all actually)

so what will u do? go to election post and vote? or like me, try hard to decide whether to go sunrise hunting or just sleep the day out :sleep: :rofl:

yes...i'm not going to join the what-so-called-people's democratic party and vote.. call me golput call me whatever u want.. i just don't have any interest whatsoever ...

my first election was 1998 if im not mistaken...i have fun then by making a hole at people's eye and then dip my middlefinger (instead of pinky just like they suggested) and then give them middle finger hahahahaha :rofl: coz u have to show the finger to the panelist :giggle: yeaahh :evillaugh:

>then the last time was the election for the governor of east kalimantan, where i lived.... i did go to the election post, but just for the ink..yes...i was an employee back then, and one way i could go to the office by noon is by vote :rofl: so i did vote...i just pust the nail straight from the top of the paper fold before i even open it then put it on the box, dip my finger (it's pinky one now :lmao:)

and this year election is the most hilarious, awkward, funny, unbelievable, yet still entertaining :giggle:

why? start with the new regulation and the number of party that join the election, the new regulation is that we can vote exactly who we want to vote... it's good btw but the funny things comes when their start their campaign... all them races to give dreams, promises, and all kind of bull s**t, and suddenly...........................................

their faces is littering my town...yes balikpapan and other town in indonesia is filled with tons of's not bad actually coz it gives more revenue for the digital printing services hehehhehe.... so they put they faces and promises ( or bullsh**) on, for they who run the campaign on low budget u'll find their photo printed and nailed into box of instant noodles or aqua, better budget print on vinyl and high budgetary goes on billboard!! wow..... i wonder how they manage to pay the cost? from their own money? and then when they got elected they begin to take people's money to cover the campaign cost :giggle: u ask that at urself now :D

and talking bout who are they? some of them is old faces, that try their luck on this election, some of them lost the election for the governor and run for the house of parliament, some lost from the election of the mayor of balikpapan and yes run for local house or parliament but some are new faces and some of them make the comedy out of themselves... yes the election goes for everybody, they can easily register to the nearest party :giggle:

and rumors, gossips are flying bout all these faces.... but i found it by of my friend's driver...yes driver (we are not talking about his job, coz i believe all people have the right to join the election right?) but then one day i have a chance to chat with him, with two other friends also...and within our conversation...i could make a conclusion that he's not capable to represent the citizen of balikpapan...cmon!!! if i think that im smarter then him...i will not vote for him...cmon!! then other example is my father. no he's not run for the election..but he's co workers just say his name is A, so A is run for election, A is assistant on the barge where' s my father work...when my father ask him, his motivation for this election...u know what his answer is?

'i dunt know, i just run for it coz my father told me to.....'

when i heard this..i'm like.....what??!!! what the F**K!!!!!!!!

and others joke is...i find some of religious leader join the election....i'm like ... in the name of JESUS CHRIST!!... aren't they job as the shepherd isn't enough?? yeah they said...their are going to fight for the right of the community of certain religion that had been minority..but hey! it was written on BIBLE...u will suffer in this world for His name...and that's why u will get Heaven for it.... and since when u mix faith with politics??!!! u stupid donkey a$$!!!!

and their go to my church also...brings free u want my vote and my town's sake for a calendar? u moron! and they said that not voting is a sin? im like.....yeaah u also can kiss my a$$!

and complete the list of the clown is one of the candidate for the next RI 1, yeah im talking bout the president of indonesia, one of them, that madam, who once trusted to rules this country and failed, and then run for another election and lost, and now try again...(dont u have other things to do?) bla bla bla... so she's criticize the existence government and their programs telling that it was all bull's part.... but then suddenly her ad on the tv tell the contrary hahhahaa i laughed till cry when i saw the ad.... and i joined other 90K people on facebook that say NO to her for next president...and then it got closed ( we already knew it will happen) but just like old sayin :

mati satu tumbuh beribu ribu....yeah we have a new page and u should visit case u heard we already on the news! heheehehhe tv one and kompas actually, join us here

and so.... what will i do tomorrow? one thing for sure...i'm not goin to vote.... i rather sleep or take a picture hehehehhe.....

they said it's a sin if u not choose.... well i do! i do choose!!


ps : here some article that u might want to check....if it's too late...than it's my bad hahahahahaa




  1. huaaaa . . baca tulisan ini aku jadi pengeeeennnn banget milih ka :) huh . i must wait for 2 years again .

  2. @fadil : hope it entertains u dil :P

    @issye: daripada contreng mending foto2 sye :P

  3. still,,
    my fav is ibu cleopatra..

    mo mati ktawa aku stiap liat tu poto..
    moga2 hbis pemilihan caleg ini,,
    tu poto tetep di pajang..
    klo bisa si museumkan...
    msukin wall of fame...
    kategori pelawak terbaik ..

  4. hahahahahaa...setuju pet!! tapi keknya dah di ambil satpol PP buat jadi alas diwarung makannya hahahaha

  5. ahhh,,,
    ga seru uda...
    ga asik...
    tpi bingung jga ama orang2 ini..
    negara di buat kyk jokingan aj...
    pada ga nyadar nasibnya mereka tu sebenernya di tangannya mereka sendiri jga..
    klo salah milih kan yang ancur rakyatnya jga..